Your voice matters. Your voice counts. Together, we called on President Obama to be actively engaged on Sudan. He listened, and his leadership was critical to ensuring that a peaceful referendum was held. Please join us to raise your voice again during this critical time before southern Sudan’s independence.

Take Action Now! Urge President Obama to focus his Administration’s efforts on ensuring that the outstanding issues between north and south Sudan are resolved before the end of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. Failure to do so could result in violence, erasing the hope and progress of the recent referendum.

Other Things You Can Do:

  • Join Catholics Confront Global Poverty to receive e-mails and action alerts on Sudan and other important international issues.
  • Add your advocacy action to the Global Solidarity Map. Post photos, text or videos and show the world how much you care.
  • Find out what the Catholic Bishops in the United States have said about Sudan and our Church’s advocacy efforts in support of peace and justice for our brothers and sisters in Sudan.

Ten Things You Can Do to Be an Advocate

1. Start a network of people in your parish or school who want to act to influence legislation. Sign up for Catholics Confront Global Poverty action alerts and use your listserv to send out action alerts and to organize advocacy efforts. If you are part of a college or university campus community, join the CRS Sudan Campus Ambassadors on Facebook!

2. Invite a speaker to your parish, school, or office to speak about an advocacy issue and invite attendees to sign up for action alerts. Contact your CRS diocesan director or your CRS regional office for more information.

3. Schedule a meeting with your members of Congress in their local offices during a Congressional recess to discuss pending legislation and Catholics Confront Global Poverty issues.

4. Write an opinion editorial about global poverty, or write an article about your group’s efforts for submission to your local secular and diocesan newspaper.

5. Send a letter, email or fax to your elected officials regarding a current global poverty issue and what they can do to address it. Visit our Action Center for more information.

6. Incorporate advocacy into regular liturgy by highlighting an issue in your intercessions.

7. Organize a petition or letter-signing event at your parish, school or community event that can then be transmitted to your targeted elected official. Take photographs or video of your event and send a story about your success to your local paper.

8. Spread the word with social media! Let all your Facebook friends and Twitter followers know what they can do to confront global poverty. Post your advocacy efforts on your social media channels; create a video for YouTube

9. Make your mobile phone an advocacy machine! Text CCGP to 30644 and join our Mobile Action Network. You’ll get info and action alerts that you can take action on straight from your cell phone.

10. Register to vote and go to the polls on election day!  You can hold the candidates you vote for accountable throughout the year but you can cast ultimate judgment on election day.