Suggestions for Solidarity With Our Brothers and Sisters in Sudan

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  • Encourage your parish priest to use the homily notes for July 10, 2011 during liturgies that weekend. The notes explore the Sunday scriptures in light of the church’s ongoing prayer for the people of Sudan and the new South Sudan.
  • Use these bulletin inserts to raise awareness about Sudan in your parish.
  • Incorporate the following prayer for South Sudan in the Prayers of the Faithful that weekend.

    We pray for the Republic of South Sudan as it is officially recognized as the world’s newest nation this weekend. May God grace its leaders with wisdom, bless its people with hope, and breathe upon the entire region a spirit of peace, reconciliation and prosperity.

  • Invite family or friends to join you in a Rosary for Peace and Prosperity in both North Sudan and South Sudan. See 10 brief petitions for the Sudanese people that can be prayers after each decade.
  • Include a display on the world’s newest country or send out the latest action alert on Sudanese concerns from CRS and USCCB at parish summer events, such as the parish picnic. Include the “Stay with Sudan: Build a Future” handout as a take-home material for parents after Vacation Bible School.