Resources for Teachers, Students and Ministry Leaders

In January 2011, the people of southern Sudan voted overwhelmingly to become the world’s newest independent nation. More than 97 percent of those registered voted in a week-long referendum that was—against all predictions—orderly, peaceful and fair.

After decades of suffering and violence, the peaceful referendum was nothing short of a miraculous answer to intense prayer and peacebuilding efforts.

An official declaration of south Sudan’s independence is expected to be made on July 9, 2011. Meanwhile, the effort to foster a sustainable peace in Sudan must not let up.

As Catholics, we believe in the power of prayer and in the power of God’s grace to change our hearts and change our world. We urge parishes, schools, religious communities and others to continue to offer special prayers for our brothers and sisters in Sudan during this transition period and afterward. The resources here invite you to join prayerfully in solidarity with the people of Sudan and people throughout the world.

Prayer and Prayer Resources

Prayer for Peace in Sudan – This prayer can be used in liturgy or said every day.

General Intercessions for Peace in Sudan

Use these general intercessions (prayers of the faithful) during regular liturgies or for special prayer services to pray for peace in Sudan.

  • General Intercessions 1 – We join Pope Benedict XVI in praying that the Churches in Africa may be signs and instruments of reconciliation and justice in every part of that continent.
  • General Intercessions 2 – For the Church, that our leaders together with the bishops of Sudan continue to be the bearers of the Good News and serve as examples of peacemakers we are called to be, we pray to the Lord.
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  • General Intercessions 3 – We pray for the people of Sudan that the desire for peace will overcome the temptation toward conflict.

Holy Hour for Peace in Sudan – Use this Holy Hour based on the structure, prayers and scriptures of the Holy Hour for Peace, found on the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

Educational Resources

  • Building Peace and Fighting Poverty in Sudan – One of the keys to a sustainable peace in Sudan is the ability of people to resist and transform conflicts when they arise.
  • Peacebuilding 101: No Fear – “People thing of peace as a cease-fire,” says Father Joseph Mawa, pastor of St. Patrick’s Church in Nimule, southern Sudan. “But peace is more than that. Peace is absence of fear, absence of anxiety.”
  • Stories About Peacebuilding – How CRS works with partners and communities to promote peace, reconciliation and strengthen fragile communities.

Other Resources

  • When Peace Prevails in Sudan – In January 2011, the people of Sudan voted overwhelmingly to become the world’s newest independent nation. Read more about how this historic referendum came about.
  • New Beginnings: Lost Boy of Sudan – A recorded chat with Malual Deng Duot, a Lost Boy of Sudan, who talks about his life and the future of Sudan during a live chat hosted by CRS.
  • Advocacy – Organize a letter-writing campaign with your classroom. Visit for the latest action alerts.